Email to Sigma America

Dear Mr. @@@@,

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today.  As we discussed, I have made a few small discoveries since our original discussions several months ago, that may shed some light on the red channel overexposure that I have experienced in certain situations using my SD14.  Rather than a capture problem in the camera, I have discovered that the issue may be related to the color-space conversion performed by the Sigma Photo Pro software during X3F import.

I have attached two versions of an image, one that illustrates the color issue that I have experienced in scenes that push the limits of the color space (gamut) used in the current Sigma Photo Pro 2.5 software. The difference between these images is obviously intended to represent a worst case scenario, so please don’t regard the “original” over-saturated image as the work of a talentless hack — it is purely for illustration purposes!

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