I have a Sigma SD14 (Foveon sensor DSLR) that I like very much, for all its limitations.  Some of you may remember that I had a lot of frustration with the system early on, because of some significant problems with the required workflow to convert the huge/complex X3F raw format into something that can be properly used by standard image editing tools.  Well, Sigma has been refining and improving their conversion software constantly, with big improvements in each generation, and with the release of Sigma Photo Pro 4.0 I think they've finally matured it into something truly fantastic.  It's what I consider "digital developing", to a level that's well beyond what is normally seen in the Canon and Nikon tools, or even in Adobe Camera Raw.

The new version is (finally) able to fully harness the wide dynamic range and huge color space of the Foveon X3F output and allow some really compelling photographic results from the sensor.  It is also now capable of directly outputting full-gamut ProPhotoRGB colorspace images in several formats including 16-bit TIFF, which is fantastic if the next step is a ProPhoto native tool like Lightroom or PS CS4+.  Take a look at an example of the kind of conversion control this thing can do, in this case using a very overexposed shot in hazy conditions…

Original, no edits, direct convert to JPEG (by SPP) as captured by camera:

Adjusted using basic slider controls in SPP, same source file, no further edits:

Now, obviously this is in the middle of workflow and would have actual editing to do as the next step, but for a "digital developer" app preparing files for Lightroom or Photoshop, this thing has chops.  Definitely enough to make the camera itself a more capable, compelling tool for creative work.  The release of the new SD15 camera is a nice thing, but really the biggest improvements to the platform have been made in the post-process software.  It's enough of an improvement in terms of usable output that it will likely have me revisiting a bunch of my older raw images to make (much!) better gravy out of them.  I'll have to start shooting again in general to make that matter at all (har har) but I foresee having far less frustration with it in future.

Great job, Sigma.  Keep up the good work!