So, you have a Motorola Droid and you've been hearing about all sorts of interesting things that you can do with it, things that aren't necessarily "approved" by our friendly overlords at Verizon. Maybe you're thinking about installing that CyanogenMod thing you keep hearing so much about, but you don't know exactly where to look for guidance and you keep finding a bunch of junk info online that isn't particularly helpful. I hope this guide will help.

Most of the "guides" for rooting the Droid involve manually downgrading from 2.1 to the older 2.0.1 (including radio baseband downgrade), then rooting from within 2.0.1, then flashing a newer system and radio baseband to get back up to 2.1. This is silly, in my opinion. A much better method is to directly flash a rooted "stock" 2.1 image onto the phone with no baseband changes, and then install the alternative 2.1-based build of your choice in a smoothly automated fashion from within the rooted-stock 2.1. So, let's do that.

I have made a few useful notes on the Android system architecture and on CyanogenMod, which I've included at the end. If you're a person that thrives on in-depth "big picture" information, skip to the end and read those bits, then come back and proceed.

The Very Short Story of what we'll accomplish:

  1. Overwrite stock system with modified stock system using RSD Lite.
  2. Install modified su for full superuser (root) permissions using SPRecovery.
  3. Install Clockwork Recovery using RomManager.
  4. Install CyanogenMod in an automated fashion using RomManager and Clockwork Recovery.
  5. … steal underpants?
  6. Profit!

Without further ado… here is Porter's Guide for Root and CyanogenMod on the Motorola Droid.

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